About Us

Established in 1998, the Construction Club is still one of the most popular construction portals on the Internet.  With a specific focus on marketing for the manufacturing, supply and service sectors of the construction industry, the ConstructionClub.com web site provides a broad range of services and program packages for its members.  

Our Members cover a large spectrum of the Construction Industry. Some counts* on our Members are:

  • Architects & Engineers:  3,200
  • Construction Companies:  11,466
  • Real Estate Professionals:  7,205  
  • Home Improvement Retailers:  4,800
  • Other Industry Professionals:  789
  • Green Building Companies:  782
  • Homeowners and other Do It Yourselfers:  1,100

* These counts are as of August 2008, the numbers may actually show an increase/decrease to this period.

While the name speaks for itself, many things have changed over the last 10 years yet its commitment to industry professionals has never varied.  Delivering an easy to use suite of tools, we've been able to offer the latest Internet technology while continuing to provide an easy to use interface, enabling our members to maximize their exposure on the Internet.  Among other industry firsts, the Construction Club is the first pay-per-click directory dedicated solely to the Construction Industry and now we are proud of the new innovation VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) for Construction.

Always on the lookout for innovative products to offer our members, ConstructionClub.com is always forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders to provide value-added construction software, employment services and business management tools.